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  • The Right of Due Process, Privacy and a Fair Trial          - The Declaration of Human Rights

  • Protection Against Unreasonable Search and Seizure    - 4th Ammendment of the US Constitution

  • Protection Against Abuse of Government Authority      - 5th Ammendment of the US Constitution

  • The Right for Counsel For Any Person Acused                 - 6th Ammendment of the US Constitution


Criminal Defense

  1. Driving Under the Influence - DUI

  2. Domestic Violence / Spousal Abuse

  3. Drug Cases: Posession, Selling, Using

  4. Solicitation / Prostitution

  5. Burglary

  6. Expungement


Personal Injury

  1. Collisions and Car Accidents

  2. Motorcycle Accidents

  3. Truck Accidents

  4. Hit and Run Injuries

  5. Dog Bites



We have associates in the office who have been successfully defending Immigration cases for over 35 years


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Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange Counties

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