The Law Offices of 

Brian S. Weinberger

 Founded in 1992

All criminal cases are handled from beginning to end by personally by Brian Weinberger. We are aware of the stress on a client with a case pending and you will always be able to get in contact with Brian for status on your case.

We fight aggressively to ensure that our client's rights are protected under the laws of the State of California and the Constitution of the United States.

The police must follow stringent procedures during their investigation and arrest of individuals. We closely analyze all of the reports, statements as well as audio and video recordings to ensure that the police have complied stringently with these required procedures. 


If we believe they have not, then we file motions in order to get certain charges, or the entire case dismissed.  We file motions on the majority of our cases and successfully had charges dismissed on numerous cases.  In those cases where charges were not dismissed, we are left in a position to negotiate an advantageous outcome for our clients since the Prosecutors will be made aware of the potential weakness of their case. 

What to do if Arrested:

Keep Quiet!!!

Too many times people think that by explaining things to the police officer during an investigation or arrest will help them.  It does not!

Once arrested, you have a right to a lawyer.  Do not make any statements to the police without a lawyer present.  You have a constitutional right to have a lawyer present.  Use it!

So many times we have seen that it is the statements by people explaining their actions that usually gets them into trouble.  If the police have enough evidence, they will arrest you without your statement.

You are entitled to a telephone call once arrested.  Never discuss the facts of the case over the telephone or with a visitor... other than your attorney.

The Glory of a Good Lawyer is to

Win a Seemingly Impossible Case.

( Balzac)


In 1992, Brian was admitted to the State Bar of California 

Graduated from Whittier Law School, an American Bar Association (ABA) and Association of American Law Schools (AALS)  accredited college for his Master's Degree 

Brian also received his Bachelor's Degree at St. John's