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Turbo G.

Oak Park, CA



Helped my son receive an alternative sentencing rather than jailtime due to a drug possession and has been a good influence on him to turn his life around and choose sobriety. Did everything it took to get him the best and most fair results. Very impressed and very grateful with this law office.



Ann D.

Los Angeles, CA




First to Review

I'm pleased to share Brian Weinberger is an achiever who will work tirelessly for you.  His professionalism, promptness guiding you from the beginning to the end is effortless.  The reliability from Brian and his staff surpassed every expectation.  They'll support you to get you through the tough and the worst time of your life.  

If you have car accidents or need criminal defense, Brian is the man to call (818) 501-7955.  His main office is in Encino and other locations Northridge and Orange County.



Ben L.

Berkeley, CA


It's quite hard to find a solid blend of honesty, diligence, professionalism, and effectiveness in any sector today, let alone the world of law. This law office has all of these.

I was dealing with a pretty serious familial issue that demanded quite a bit of legal work. Simply put, I knew little to nothing about how to approach the issue - various pieces of paperwork, contacting jailers, or conversing with public defenders. My family needed someone who would be extremely patient and diligent in not only explaining both the broad strokes and details of the whole procedure, but also someone who would be able to fight for our safety.

In short, Brian Weinberger worked endless hours to ensure that we were safe. He worked as if we were one of his own - to say the least, we knew very well that we were in good hands. In what was an extremely volatile case, he was able to achieve perhaps the most desirable outcome for our family. And during the whole time that he was fighting for us, he was ensuring that we were in constant communication - making sure that we were never out of the loop.

I can't express my gratitude enough, and I would give this office more than five stars if possible. If you are in need of a law firm that specializes in injury and criminal defense and truly pursues empathy and sincerity, Brian Weinberger's office is the place to go.




Natalie S.

Tarzana, CA


I don't know where to begin and how to end to complement this particular person who works at this office.  I had a pretty bad accident back on Nov 6, 2013 and was very frustrated how other law office was dealing with my case. they were simply very machine like and bunch of idiots!!  When I first contacted Vickey Lee at Brian Weinberger's office, I knew immediately I was finally in good hands.  I haven't met Brian yet, but i don't think anyone can make me happier and handle my case more professionally and efficiently than what Vickey has been doing for me. the word I can only think of.  I had a bad injury, bad PT that I insisted on going to cause it was recommended by my friend...not by Vickey.  It had been very bad 9months so far.  Vickey always listened to my complain with grace and she found solution to my needs all the time right away.

Today, I finally got what I want.  A great PT person..all thx to Vickey!!!  I had called earlier to personally thank her.  She is a God sent angel from heaven for me ....

Going through a tough time when some other person interferes with a rear end car accident and because of that, you lose all the fun and good time you once enjoyed.

But, there's Vickey Lee!!! Yeha!!!  Thank you Vickey for supporting me the best possible way anyone can provide to another human being.  Thank you for your kindness, professionalism...I can now really relax and see what unfolds in my future as to how good you and Brian Weinbrger will do to my life.  Car accident did happen.  One cannot change that.  But the can receive from many different sources...and I'm so happy that I have the best help possible through Vickey!! Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU!!!

Harley H.

Tarzana, CA


This firm has represented myself and two other family members, and we could not have been happier. Vickey is extremely polite, informative, and helpful. They have definitely become our family's firm! They will bend over backwards to accommodate YOU, the client, rather than try to make things easier for themselves. Highly recommended!

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Conner O.

December 2020

Went above and beyond in my arrest case, facing a real possibility of jailtime. Brian was able to not only get me fair and favorable trial results, but also has been an instrumental figure in me turning my life around and choosing a better path. Life is good and my success today can in part be a result of Brian's refusal to give up on me. So thankful for his expertise and advice. Highly recommended.

Albert Lee

6 Years Ago

I was recently involved in an auto accident and was glad I chose the Law Offices of Brian S Weinberger to represent me. I was T-boned at an intersection and my car was considered a total loss. I was pretty distraught by the incident and also began to experience sharp pains in my lower back shortly after the accident. I contacted the office regarding my incident and an attorney by the name of Sharleen was assigned to my case. She went above and beyond in helping me get compensated for all costs incurred and put me in touch with a chiropractor (Dr. Stephanie J. Kim) who did an amazing job rehabilitating my back and working with my erratic schedule. All of my medical bills were covered by the insurance company of the at-fault driver. Throughout the case, Sharleen was always available when I had questions and frequently updated me with progress updates. I highly recommend this law office for their professionalism and fantastic staff. I ended up getting more than I expected from the settlement which helped in financially recovering from the loss of my vehicle. Oddly, the office is located in a residential neighborhood with plenty of street parking (free) which made it really convenient to drop in when necessary without having to deal with parking structures or large complexes. They are located just east of Wilshire and Crenshaw.




2 Years Ago

Extremely attentive and dedicated to one's case, highly recommend.



Kyu Lee

3 Years Ago

Very professional and kindly answer for your questions.


Angela Shin


3 Years Ago

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Ken Cho

2 Years Ago 

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Brendan O'Brien

2 Weeks Ago

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