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Driving Under the Influence - DUI

A DUI arrest can happen to anyone.  If you have been arrested for Driving while Under the Influence (DUI), you are going to need the help of an experienced Attorney to help get you through this ordeal.  Brian Weinberger specializes in DUI cases and has a proven track record of reducing initial charges, lowering fines and even getting cases dismissed.














Brian understands what is on the line with these charges and is here to help. A DUI conviction puts you at risk of losing your job, your driver’s license, your ability to travel and the ability to provide for your family; not to mention the damage this could do to your career and reputation. 


DUI charges can result in long driver’s license suspensions, even on a first DUI offense.  Upon being released from custody after a DUI arrest, you will be given a pink piece of paper which is your temporary license. On the temporary license (about 2/3 of the way down) you will see instructions to contact the DMV within ten (10) days of the arrest to request a DMV Hearing. This timeline is strictly adhered to by the DMV which is why it is so important to contact our office immediately so we can protect your rights. 

We will schedule the DMV Hearing and request a "stay" on your license to extend your driving privileges.  In addition to fighting for you in the courts, we aggressively fight the DMV case to protect your license and prevent the DMV suspension. It is critical to act fast so you do not miss the deadline to demand the hearing. If the deadline is missed, the DMV will automatically suspend your license after 30 Days.  


We do not charge extra to do the DMV Hearing as it is part of our proven defense strategy to defend you in your DUI case. We handle the entire case for you. In misdemeanor cases, we typically appear in court on behalf of our clients, who are able to not be required to attend court until we are ready to resolve the case. Not having to go to court means our clients can focus on what matters most to them. We update our clients right after court concludes and tell them what to expect next. On felony cases where the client is ordered to appear, we are by your side, answering the court’s questions and taking the pressure off of our clients. 

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is much more common than you may think. There are many different terms for domestic violence in California, including spousal battery, corporal injury on a spouse and even child abuse. A conviction on certain domestic violence charges could have dire immigration consequences and could lead to deportation if you are not a US citizen which is why it is crucial to have an experienced attorney represent you.

















If you or a loved one is facing a charge for domestic violence, this is the type of crime that must be handled immediately in order to avoid charges and a conviction.  Without intervening, the district attorney will make their filing decision based only on what is in the police reports, which can be very one-sided and exaggerated to make the accused person look much worse.  If we can intervene quickly and show the detectives and the prosecutors a more full picture of what happened and reasons not to file the case BEFORE they file the case, we are often successful at preventing a conviction or having charges filed. Once a case is filed by the DA, it is much more difficult to have the charges dropped since the DA is not going to want to dismiss a case that is already filed, since it is against their office policy to dismiss domestic violence cases.


Drug Arrests: Possession, Selling, Using

If you’ve been arrested and are being accused of a drug crime, you are going to need some help. Innocent or not, defending criminal charges and getting a desirable outcome takes a skilled, savvy attorney who is willing to put in long hours and work tirelessly to get you the result you want. That’s who we are at BSW Law Firm, and we are prepared to begin helping you immediately.


The sales of any type of controlled substance whether an illegal drug or prescription medication, can lead to a heavy sentence. Brian Weinberger provides defense counsel for a range of drug offenses. This includes the distribution of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, ecstasy, and narcotic prescription drugs such as Oxycodone, Vicodin, and Percocet. Illegal prescription drug sales are on the rise, and there is a great deal of focus by local, state and federal task forces to reduce such activity.


Solicitation / Prostitution

If you are facing a prostitution charge, contact us immediately to discuss  defensive strategies during a free initial consultation by calling our toll-free number: 877 BSWLaws (877 279 - 5297). We understand that prostitution-related charges can be embarrassing, and we make sure that your details are confidential while we prepare your case to help you put these charges behind you.




Criminal defense is a complex science. And prostitution cases are even more complicated. It is important that you find a Los Angeles defense lawyer with an excellent track record, superior knowledge, and familiarity with local courts and legal procedures. Our Defense Lawyers are committed to hard work and favorable results, and it is our top priority to ensure that our clients do not face a dreaded conviction that will negatively change their life.

Burglary / Robbery

If you are charged with a property crime, it is important that you hire an experienced property Criminal Defense Attorney to not only ensure your rights are protected, but to pursue the best outcome for your case. A conviction of any type of property crime can lead to time behind bars and other penalties that may alter the course of your life... including deportation if you are not a US Citizen.

















Even if you do not have a criminal record prior to the alleged property crime incident, the implications are serious. At the BSW Law Firm, we can provide the defense help you need in order to effectively fight these charges.  Contact us immediately to discuss strategies during a free initial consultation by calling our toll-free number: 877 BSWLaws (877 279 - 5297).  We want to help you.




It is imperative to remove convictions from your record as early as possible for employment consideration as well as for immigration purposes. If you are found guilty of a crime in the state of California, do not assume the conviction has to remain on your record indefinitely.  Once you have completed your court-ordered sentence and complied with all terms including probation, you will be entitled to obtaining an expungement.  Most cases can be taken off of your record upon completion of probation. Even if you have not completed the probation, we can file a motion to terminate probation early if you can show that it is necessary for a job or immigration purpose... and then have the case expunged.


















We can also expunge felony cases by filing a motion to first have the case reduced to a misdemeanor and then expunged


An expungement clears your record, restores your good name and makes life easier in all regards, especially while seeking employment and is necessary for immigration purposes if you wish to receive a "Green Card" or apply for citizenship. 

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